I don't sell packages, I sell results!

Follow my lead, stick to the blueprint,

remain consistent, RESULTS are the sure outcome!


Meet Erik. Erik was 270lbs in the photo on the left, and the video on the right was shot this past year. Erik is sitting at 200lbs with less than 10% body fat. I don't need to emphasize on the results he has achieved, all I did was give him the blueprint and told him to follow my lead, it was all she wrote from there! He's not only a client of mine but a part time training partner, he has unbelievable work ethic and trains extremely hard. Couldn't be more proud of this guy! When you see Erik around give him a thumbs up, he's killing it!

Meet my client Joe Nicosia! Joe has lost a total of 44 pounds in 12 weeks, absolutely crushed his first goal by 14lbs. His starting weight was 257lbs, and he weighed in today at 213lbs! Only the beginning, Joe has a relentless work ethic and is extremely focused on his goals. At the rate he's going, he's going to be lean and mean this summer! Six pack abs are coming his way! If you see Joe around, make sure you give him a thumbs up, he's killing it!