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What can you expect from your customized meal plan?

Your customized meal plan will be strategically built by me using 3 stats from client:


First will be gender, women are genetically put together differently than men. Women tend to store slightly more body fat and have very little key muscle building hormone (testosterone) and an abundance of estrogen which leads to increase fat/water storage/higher cortisol level, in most cases it will take a woman longer to build muscle mass and lose body fat. On the flip side men have an abundance of testosterone and very little estrogen. I know, I know, it’s not fair but these are just the facts. No matter male or female you can certainly lose body fat, speed up metabolic rate and build muscle with the proper diet and training regimen. See to learn more.



Second is client’s starting body weight/BF %. I need bodyweight and body fat to determine how many total calories from protein, carbohydrates, and fats that will be needed to assure we have correct amount to build muscle, burn fat and be able to sustain a consistent energy level. The goal is to keep the body out of that catabolic state (muscle wasting).



Third will be clients current weekly activity level or customized new program workout schedule. This willallow me to figure out how many calories I will give you to start, how many are coming in and how many are going out. This is a major factor to make sure your not being under or over fed.


What can you expect from your customized workout routine?

Your workout routine will be completely tailored to you. Whether you an athlete, body builder, or just someone who’s looking to look good, feel good and be strong. I have a plan for everyone!